Margaret McCarthy
Managing Director

Margaret McCarthy is a senior information and technology professional with more than 30 years of experience helping consumer-facing organizations manage transformational change as well as privacy and cybersecurity. 

Ms. McCarthy has served as a member of Alignment Healthcare's board since December 2020. Ms. McCarthy retired in June 2019 as executive vice president of CVS Health following the completion of CVS Health’s acquisition Aetna in 2018. She served as executive vice president of operations and technology for Aetna from 2010 to 2018, where she was responsible for innovation, technology, data security, procurement, real estate, and operations.

Prior to joining Aetna in 2003, she served in information technology-related roles at Cigna and Catholic Health Initiatives, among others. Ms. McCarthy also worked in technology consulting at Accenture and as a consulting partner at Ernst & Young. She is a director of Brighthouse Financial, Marriott International, First American Financial, and American Electric Power. She also served on various advisory boards, councils, and private company boards. Given her extensive experience managing large groups of employees, complex processes, and enterprise-critical technology, Ms. McCarthy brings to the board valuable insights into areas of critical importance to our operations.

Ms. McCarthy holds a bachelor’s degree from Providence College and a master’s degree in public health, hospital administration from Yale University. She served in the U.S. Navy Medical Services Corps as a lieutenant at Bethesda Naval Hospital and in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a lieutenant commander.